Sunday, September 4, 2011

When I Grow Up...

When I was a kid I wanted to be SOMEONE when I grow up for different reasons. I remember I wanted to be a doctor to heal the sick, a scientist because that's what every kid wanted at some point or I could be a teacher so I can get goodies on teacher's day apart from teaching the illiterate to read and write, I dreamt of becoming a  computer engineer because it sounds nice to be called that and I felt that I'm good in math and sort of disregarded that I hate computer classes when it's only MS dos.

As I grow older my preferences have changed. I figured out that I wanted to be an architect because I have to design my own Italian inspired house.  At some point, I realized that I suck in drawing so I guess I'd settle for what I can do best. I was thinking I was good in Math so I wanted to be a mathematician. Ha ha ha. I never wanted to admit that I had that dream. Apparently, I learned that math isn't just about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and there's such a thing as sin, cos, tan which until now I don't understand what they're for or maybe I just forgot because I never failed in any math subject back then. *wink

When I was on my fourth year in high school, I was still undecided because all I wanted in life then was to  earn a million bucks, stay in love and live happily ever after. I wish life could be that simple wherein we get what we want just by saying it. That is not the case though. I had to choose what direction I'm going to take or I would be out of school and be a bum forever.

Mom wanted me to be a nurse because one, it's in demand and two, I think she wanted to be a nurse herself. I was not happy with the idea because I know that I CAN'T DO IT! I can't take the sight of open wounds, the smell of blood and for goodness sake, I can never be calm when someone's dying or someone's hurt. I know you get the picture. That motivated me to look for other options. I have to like something else.

Then, I realized how I enjoyed reading self help books and listening to people's stories and giving advices. That was when I thought that I wanted to be a psychologist. Nobody bought the idea of me becoming a psychologist. Don't ask me why.

Anyhoo, I've decided to be an obedient daughter and give it a try but I wasn't able to get an exam to the University I was rooting for. I was a day late. Classes are soon  to start then and I am nowhere to go. That's when I've decided to take up accountancy and be a freaking accountant. I already pictured myself sitting in my own office with a cup of coffee wearing fashionable work clothes, stiletto pumps and signing important documents. That was good enough, I thought.

Come our orientation day, I realized that I am clueless as to what I am taking up. I don't even know what debit and credit was and what the hell was I doing there.  I learned to love it at some point and hate it most of the time. Haha. I've had the happiest college life though. It was exciting, thrilling, stressful, fun and overwhelming.

Yes, I graduated from college and for two years now I am a part time call center agent. Ha ha! No, I never felt a complete loser. I am happy, in fact. Not everyone could understand that though. My job isn't as exciting but it pays fairly well and I have flexible hours and I've got the best colleagues/ friends. I tried looking for a full time accounting related job but I can't get myself to leave my part time job and be a corporate slave. I thought I’d get my license first. I work while I review for the boards so I can be a Certified Public Accountant or a freaking professional accountant.

To tell you the truth, I don't want to be an accountant for the rest of my life. 5 years, I will give myself 5 years to practice what I've studied for then I will be SOMEONE ELSE.

I don't know what I will be after 5 years. Maybe I'm going to be a dressmaker like I've always wanted. I'll make awesome and not so eccentric clothes. I can be a professional photographer and I'll take amazing photos. I can be a business woman, a social worker. I can be a wife and a full time housewife which is very unlikely to happen. I don't know. I can still be a corporate slave if I've learned to love my profession after 5 years.

I can be anyone but I'm pretty sure of one thing. I will be happy. I've got so much to figure out because I seem to want to do so many things that I end up confused on what to do first. I trust myself though even most people don't (lol) and I don't worry much when it's just about me. This post had been lengthy so I got to go. :)


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Bien Adosto said...

well-written. :) keep'em coming.


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