Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sundays with Mama :)

If there's one person that I admire the most that will be my mom. I need not make a list of the things that she did to prove this but she's done so much not only for us, her kids but to those that she cares for. People can attest to that. She has been through a lot but she's the strongest and the most hardworking person I know. 

We weren't as close as we are now when I was growing up because I seldom see her. She has to work to provide the things we need but there was never a time that I never missed her then. I always get excited when we all bond as a family. My mom never spoiled us but she gives in whenever we wanted something so bad. (I can share more of how great my mom is but I will reserve those for future posts.)

Grocery Shopping with Mama. I look wasted I know. Haha

I'm really glad that we're really close now like I can share everything to her even my frustrations and super crushes likewise, she shares everything to me too :) She's more than a mom, she's the best-est friend ever! 

I haven't done anything to make my mom proud yet but I promise that I will make her [proud] one day! 

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