Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Landmark Dresses

I tried some dresses at Landmark. Roxy and I were window shopping then. Body pain didn't hinder me to try these summer dresses :) 

The skimpy dress
 I fell in love with this dress the moment I saw how it fits. My mind is shouting roaring "Buy me now or you'd be dreaming about me for the rest of your life!" But I'm really trying to be savvy when it comes to my finances not to mention I have no capacity to buy that at the time. I just hope that when payday comes the dress will still fit the same despite my undisciplined eating habit.

It doesn't fit well but I love the sleeve so I had to take a closer shot.
This is actually the only dress I wanted to try because I loved the sleeves. Then I've decided to fit more dresses  so I picked the florals and the sexy dress above. I realized that the one I really wanted wasn't the best for me. But then, we will always find something better and sometimes the best for us are those we never thought they are.
The floral dresses
I never really wear dresses much because of my enormous legs but then these dresses made me want to care less of how huge my legs are. I love everything but the one in the middle is my favorite :)

P.S I also loved how my white sneakers complimented the look. The girly and sporty look in one :)

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Anonymous said...

ganda tlaga.
im writing a list of what to buy on Friday. sumakit ulo ko. hahaha


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