Saturday, February 26, 2011


I have so much to look forward to this March.

It's my friend's birthday and we'll be having a 3 day long birthday celebration. I'm really excited because it's a children's party and I'll get to wear my new Tweety bird top. Haha! Yeah, am still a fan of Tweety bird! Yikes.

We'll be going to Majayjay Falls as well. I really feel that I needed to go somewhere new. I've been working more than usual these days and it's a wonder why I complain less and volunteer for more. Weird. I'm not yet swimsuit ready so I guess I won't be wearing one. I'll skip my so-called diet attempts this time because the more I force myself the more I indulge. Yeah I know. Talk about lack of discipline. Hehe.

One week after our Majayjay getaway, we will be having our team building. It's something that I always look forward to. I have the best-est team mates ever! Super laughtrip lang whenever we're together :D

I also look forward to more ME days, tambay mode with friends and less grumpy days :)

...and to start doing the things I love again. Hopefully, I will really try and learn how to make accessories! I have so many plans in mind and I want to start doing those... one step a time. :D

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Anonymous said...

can't wait!!!


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