Monday, August 30, 2010

My Top 10 Emerging Influential Bloggers for 2010

This will be my first ever entry outside my blogging world. I'm not really the type who gives informative blogs and the like. I just blog to express what I feel... to say what I want. It had been some sort of an outlet for me. I may not be the writer material but I sure am an avid blog reader! I love reading other blogs -- blogs that inspire, blogs that inform and those that entertain.

So here's My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010

My first vote goes to ATBP(AroundTheBuzzPrimetime). Truly, it gives the latest updates in the entertainment industry. What I like about this blog is that it's not limited to a specific TV station so whether you're a kapamilya or a kapuso, I'm sure this blog will satisfy you fishy side :)

Next, I'll be voting for The Reluctant Stylista. When you've got a penchant for style -- fun facts about fashion, beauty and the like plus reviews of promising products. This is for you.

Third, I will vote for Random Ramblings of a Roamer. I've just recently read this blog. It's so cool. I love photography. I'm not good at it but photography per se facinates me. This blog has everything that I'm interested with... fashion, photography and music. :)

The fourth on my list will be The Creative Dork. It's very informative. It gives almost anything under the sun. I'm frustrated with anything that involves drawing but this site makes it less frustrating, I guess. Haha

Last but not the least. I'll be voting for Kusina Maria. I love food! Who doesn't anyway? I love this blog because it inspires me to never give up on cooking! Haha. Just reading the entries make me feel sooo busog :D

Kusina Maria

I wish I've known this earlier so I could finish the list. I'm sure there are lots of blogs out there who deserves to be recognized. :)

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Pao said...

Hi Ms. Ejay,

I noticed that your list is not yet complete so I’ll take this opportunity to plug my tiny blue-blog – . A blog of a 17 year old free spirited guy with a different perspective and point of views in life.

I hope you’ll consider it to be on your list. It would be my honor if my blog will be one of your nominees. Thanks and Godspeed!


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