Saturday, June 12, 2010

Extended Warranty is LOVE

As you all know, my camera got soaked in saltwater when we went to Anawangin last May 15. It was my bad but I won't talk about that now.

me with a fake smile... hehe

Instead of ruining my day, I enjoyed myself with my friends and I thought that I'll just deal with the camera thingy when I get home. I tried to have it dried up at the sea shore hoping that I'll be able to use it still while in Anawangin. Sadly, it didn't work. :-( Sayang. I wasn't able to capture our last moments at that awesome place. I was saving the battery pa naman for the next day. Good thing, roxy's cam is still working kahit na low bat na. :-)

Anyway, when I get home I hung it sa electric fan hoping that it will dry up and work again. It didn't, unfortunately. Then I remembered to check the extended warranty.

I couldn't get through the 1800 number so I called Abenson, rob instead. I brought my cam with its accessories and I was told that they'll forward it to sony and will just inform me when I could get it.

After a week, I called them again to follow up. I miss my camera. I missed documenting fun events. When I called, they told me that my cam's now for replacement because the labor cost is higher compared to the cost of new unit. I couldn't be more grateful! I even have the option have the same model or a camera model after that... I opted for the latest of course :D I couldn't wait! Will get it one of these days :) Yipee!

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